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(This is an RP account: This is NOT the real Amber Riley...but she is indeed AWESOME).

For You I Will|| Amber

Title: For You I Will

Tagged: Amber Riley, mentions of Chord Overstreet

When/Where: Amber’s apartment Saturday

Notes: After Chord gets some really harsh tweets directed towards him Amber feels compelled to act

Amber was above the pettiness. She really was. She had learned some time ago that there were just people in the world that seemed to eat ‘ignorance’ for breakfast. The best she could do, as her mother would say, was pray for them but overall ignore them. Most of the time the verbal attacks and nastiness, although annoying and a bit stinging, was something she had come to be able to push through. Especially from the Glee fandom. She was confident enough in her looks, her talent, and who she was as a person. Besides, she was a grown ass woman. Most of the people obsessed with that show she was convinced couldn’t be over the age of fifteen. At least that’s what it seemed like from their views on the world and the way people were supposed to look and behave. With all that said Amber was above the ignorance…but that didn’t mean it didn’t irk her nerves.

Case and point her boyfriend getting death wished upon him from some “fans” who clearly didn’t know the difference between reality and fiction, or more so that their hate was going after the wrong source. She saw hate going Chord’s way from a mile away when he told her Ryan wanted him to start posting pictures of him and Heather doing “bram”. She just didn’t think it would be this vicious, and she was certain Chord didn’t think it would either. He was acting like it didn’t matter, but Amber had come to know better. People who didn’t know Chord probably thought he was gullible, basic, and maybe just a pretty face. Amber knew there was much more and perhaps it was irrational of her but she felt compelled to do…something…say…something in the face of the hate that was coming his way. It was funny how the tables had turned. Just a few months ago he was the one wanting to go to war for her on twitter and now here she sat in front of her laptop wanting to do the same for him. She had nothing to lose. She had already moved on from Glee. Ryan was insistent on bringing her back constantly but in terms of real dedication she had severed ties. That’s why she didn’t give a rat’s behind if these kids, because clearly that’s what some of them were, got angry at her for pointing out that their behavior was appalling.

She began typing, “Shame on people sending death wishes to another human being. Some people need to find better hobbies and step away from the television,” was her first tweet. “Glee is supposed to be about acceptance and I sometimes wonder if some of the viewers actually believe that message or only when it is for their favs,” her second tweet. Followed by a few quotes that she felt drove home her message. Then she added, as to leave no doubt what she was talking about, “I, Amber P. Riley love @chordoverstreet. He’s a great guy and I love him with all of my heart and I’d appreciate it if people who clearly have nothing better to do with their lives but spread nonsense would step off. Mama A does not approve of death wishes on her man.” 

After that she stopped. She was pretty sure her tweets would be seen and talked about all over. She wasn’t about sinking down to these people level but she definitely was not about letting them attack her guy. Hopefully Chord wouldn’t be mad that she had addressed the hate when he had asked her to drop it. Besides, her rant at that fandom was a long time coming anyway.

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