Try A Little Tenderness

My name is Amber P. Riley, Ms. Riley if you're- just kidding! I'm a singer and an actress. I love my family and I'm living the life- following my dreams. I can be a prankster but it's all in love. Did I mention I have an awesome boyfriend by the name of Chord Overstreet?

(This is an RP account: This is NOT the real Amber Riley...but she is indeed AWESOME).

Boyfriend||Amber/Justin Bieber (Phonecall)
  • Amber: (answers phone) Hello?
  • Justin: Ambs! What's up giiiiirl! It's your boy Justin.
  • Amber: Oh hey Justin. How are you?
  • Justin: I'm chillaxin' for the most part. Doing these concerts, living the dream. You know how it is. You are apart of the SB team now.
  • Amber: That's true. Yes! I know. I'm excited. So many great opportunities coming up....So...what's up?
  • Justin: Alright, well I know we're both busy people so I'm just going to come out and say it. I'm heading out to another club while I'm in town for a few days and I was wondering if you wanted to make an appearance there. Maybe we can even get up on stage and do a little karaoke.
  • Amber: Haha! Well that sounds like a good time but I'm still feeling under the weather. So aside from any professional engagements I'm trying to stay in and rest. I wouldn't want to give you my cold. Bad enough, I'm probably going to get Chordy sick but he insists on taking care of me.
  • Justin: ....Right....Chord...Well, I was just giving you a heads up because my main man KENNY was going to be there. You remember Kenny right? He said he loved meeting up with you before. I think you two...really seem to work well with each other.
  • Amber: ...Oh...Well, Kenny's a nice guy and all but...I'm with Chord, Justin. You know that right?
  • Justin: Yeah, the guy from Glee. Likes to hang out at our BBQs a lot and act like he knows all of us really well....I remember him. He's cool. Still on that FOX show right? Covering other people's songs...taking off his shirt...
  • Amber: (sensing some shade) Well, it's a job and Chord is looking at other projects as well.
  • Justin: Right...Well, Kenny was really feeling you and I just think you shouldn't limit your options. Kenny went from being a body guard to being my head road manager. He's got you and me. He's going places...Chord will on Glee next season....covering other people's music in a Kid Pop sort of way. Just saying. Not knockin' it....just saying.
  • Amber: ...Kenny's a nice guy but I'm good. Thanks for calling Justin. I'll talk to you later.
  • Justin: For sure Amber. You're apart of the SB family now. I got you. Talk to you later boo. (hangs up)
  • Amber: (shaking her head at the phone, confused)
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